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Wonderland Farm - Animal Sanctuary

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How Do I Support the Farm, or Sponsor an Animal?

There are many ways that you can support the farm or help care for the animals that we provide a home to. Most people find that the easiest way to get involved is by simply donating, either in support of a specific animal, or to the facility in general. We encourage you to to consider this option if there is something that you would like to do in order to demonstrate your support, today.


Select an animal or group to sponsor

If there is a particular species of animal that you have a particular love for and would like to personally support, we can assure that your donation is targeted at those  animals.


Decide on your level of sponsorship

We have many support options for you to choose from so that you may find something that you are comfortable with and will be able to commit to over a period of time.


Enter details and submit

Simply fill-out the donation form for the animal or species that you wish to support, select the package on that form that works best for you and your donation will begin.

Visit our online store where you can purchase a wide array of imprinted promotional items to support the farm.

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Our Mission

At The Wonderland Farm, we  provide all of our animals the opportunity to live out their natural lives in idyllic surroundings, cared for by people who love them.

We provide excellent care to assure that all of the animals we are responsible for receive the finest food, clean and warm shelter, excellent medical care and are able to benefit from living in a nurturing environment where they can be free of stress and revel in the natural beauty the Wonderland Farm provides.

They are surrounded by a caring staff and dedicated volunteers who shower them with unconditional love. As volunteers, the happiness we receive from being able to spend time with them, everyday, is the only thing we look for in return for the love and care that we provide.  

To all of the generous and loving people that contribute their time, donations and energy, we love you back and thank you for your support!!

"We would never be able to do our good work, without good people like you, lifting us up."

Join Us - Become a Volunteer

Of course we appreciate all donations, regardless of their size, but we're also aware that oftentimes making a financial commitment is not feasible for everyone.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the care and feeding of animals, maintaining their shelter and keeping the grounds in pristine condition. All of these require a significant investment of time, energy and good old-fashioned, 'getting your hands dirty, for a worthy cause." Why not join us in this extremely rewarding work? We'll find something you are suited for.

Contact us to learn how you can become a -

"Wonderland Warrior"

Howdy! I'm Storm.
Thanks for stopping by.

Storm is our current resident Alpaca. Her mate and companion, "Caramel" recently passed while giving birth. Sadly, her offspring did not survive the ordeal. We are on the lookout for another Alpaca that needs sanctuary so Storm can once again have some companionship.

Where We Are

The Wonderland Farm and Animal Sanctuary is situated on 60 acres of lush horse pastures and wooded trails located in beautiful Cumberland County, New Jersey, just a few miles west of downtown Millville.

We are minutes off of US Interstate 55.