Donald Duck

Hi! I'm Donald Duck . . .

​Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were added to the herd in honor of my dad. While he was sick in the hospital he kept talking about wanting me to get baby goats, incessantly! Before surgery the last thing he said was asking if I had gotten the goats yet, I walked into the room another time and said hello and the response was to ask about baby goats. So to say he was very focused on these babies is quite the understatement. Throughout his hospital stay I was unable to bring home the goats, but on the day my mom picked up his ashes from the funeral home unbeknownst to her I was on my way home with Mickey and Donald. Mom called and asked me to stop by the funeral home and I was about five minutes away so the three of us made the stop. When we were walking out my mom brought the ashes over to the truck to introduce the babies to my dad. Look Don, we got goats. 🙂

Key Facts


Nigerian Dwarf


Born March 2017. Just over 2.5 years old.


Male (Wether)


He is such a love bug! He always runs up for loving. He is the first one waiting at the gate for breakfast and dinner. 

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