Hi! I'm Sapphira . . . with Sarah Kasper

​Sapphira came to live with us from a client. She started not using a litter box and after a year of vet visits, litter changes and numerous other efforts to help her use a litter box properly, she came to live with us as a barn cat. She started out in a storage room that was converted to our barn cat room. She had access to beds, food, water, a litter box. While she was acclimating to her new home another pair of kittens came to live with us as well. The three of them lived together as the kittens grew and were neutered and able to venture outside. At that point a cat door was installed and the kittens were excited about their adventure. Sapphira would comically jump through the door wait a minute and jump back. Eventually she made it to the barn aisle, out to the barn door and now she roams around the farm confidently as she pleases greeting our visitors when they arrive.

Key Facts




DOB: 9/17/2007  (10 years old)




She certainly has a mind of her own. She is happy to cuddle whenever she chooses. Mostly she just wants to rub against you and a nice head scratch. She loves doors! When a door opens she wants to come in but once you open it to leave she runs right out again. She sure makes us laugh.

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Monthly cost to feed: $20